Upcoming registration and grant deadlines for education courses

For several postgraduate courses, the registration and grant deadlines are closing in. Do not miss the chance to apply for the course(s) you want to attend.

ESCMID Observers can now visit four new Collaborative Centres.

Since January 2015, four new ECCs have opened for visits: two in China (Guangzhou & Hangzhou), one in the UK (Liverpool), and one in the Ukraine (Kharkiv). Applicants must be ESCMID Full or Young Scientist members.

Do you have breaking scientific news?

Submit your late-breaker abstract by 10 March.

First ESCMID Collaborative Centres in the USA and Australia

ESCMID Full and Young Scientist members can now apply to visit the Mayo Clinic and the University of Queensland. ESCMID features 80 fully-approved ECCs on five continents including Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Two new Study Groups in forensic/postmortem and veterinary microbiology

Check out their activities on their new websites and get involved by becoming a member of these groups:
ESGFOR (Forensic/Postmortem Microbiology)
ESGVM (Veterinary Microbiology)
Other Study Group news:
EFWISG (Food/Water Infections) has a new Executive Committee
ESGAP (Antibiotic Policies) has just published a newsletter