Jan 2009:  An interview with the current ESCMID President as webcast. Watch the videos and meet Giuseppe Cornaglia in person, find out about how he became ESCMID President, where ESCMID stands now and what he considers for the future.

Interview Part 1:

Meet Prof Cornaglia

How and when did you get in touch with ESCMID and why did you join the Society?
What do you actually do in your daily work?
If you had not become a microbiologist, what would you have done?

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Interview Part 2:

Historical reflection

How did ESCMID change over the last 25 years since its foundation?

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Interview Part 3:

Status quo

What does ESCMID do?
What are the advantages of being an ESCMID member? 

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Interview Part 4:

Future prospects

What are the future challenges and how will ESCMID deal with them?
What are the major challenges for ESCMID today?

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Complete interview:

Here you find the complete version of the interview with the current ESCMID president Prof Giuseppe Cornaglia. The video contains the following chapters:

  • Meet Prof Cornaglia
  • Historical reflection
  • Status Quo
  • Future prospects

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