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ESCMID is a member-based, non-profit society registered in Switzerland with an elected Executive Committee responsible for its governance. The administrative office is in Basel, Switzerland.

Executive Committee Election: Call for Nominations is now closed

At the end of 2017, elections will be held among our members to fill three (of eight) positions on the ESCMID Executive Committee, two representing infectious diseases and one clinical microbiology.

The Nomination Subcommittee would like to encourage you to propose candidates, taking into consideration their professional excellence, leadership abilities, communication skills and contributions to the activities of ESCMID.

Candidates must be ESCMID members in good standing and willing to commit sufficient time to the activities of ESCMID. The Nomination Subcommittee may suggest additional candidates to ensure the balance of gender, region and field of activity. The term of office will begin mid April 2018 and last four years.
Candidates nominated in writing by 50 or more members from at least five different countries (with a minimum of five persons per country) will automatically be selected by the Nomination Subcommittee and their names will appear on the ballot.
Since not more than one Executive Officer may come from the same country, nominations for candidates from countries of already confirmed Executive Committee members cannot be accepted for the next term. These countries are:Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain.

By responding to this call you actively participate in the selection of the Society’s leadership. We are looking forward to your nominations.
Best regards,

Murat Akova
Chair of the ESCMID Nomination Subcommittee


Election 2017, Call for Nominations:
To nominate a candidate please complete the online form. The deadline is 31 August 2017.

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