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ESCMID is a member-based, non-profit society registered in Switzerland with an elected Executive Committee responsible for its governance. The administrative office is in Basel, Switzerland.

Executive Committee election results

At the end of 2015 elections were held among the membership to fill three positions in the ESCMID Executive Committee, one representing infectious diseases and two for clinical microbiology.
We are pleased to present the new members of the ESCMID Executive Committee below, whose terms of office will start immediately after the 2016 Assembly of Members in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
We thank all those who ran for office and all members who voted! Without your participation the election would not have been possible.

Best regards,

Mario Poljak
ESCMID Secretary General

Alex W. Friedrich (CM)

Professor and Chair of Microbiology and Head of Department
Medical Microbiology and Infection Prevention
University of Groningen &
University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
Groningen, Netherlands

Maurizio Sanguinetti (CM)

Full Professor of Microbiology
Director, Institute of Microbiology &
Division of Clinical Microbiology
Catholic University of Sacred Heart
Rome, Italy


Evelina Tacconelli (ID)

Head of the Division of Infectious Diseases
Department of Internal Medicine 1
Medical Director of the Comprehensive Centre for Infectious Diseases
Tübingen University Hospital
Tübingen, Germany

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