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1) General information
One of the central roles of ESCMID is the promotion of knowledge in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases. The society supports scientific events such as conferences, symposia, workshops, etc. by promotion, endorsement and/or financial contribution. Condition to any support is that the event has an international faculty and/or an international audience.

Educational courses can only receive promotion support and/or endorsement. If financial support is sought for educational courses, please refer to the ESCMID Operating Procedures for Educational Activities.

2) Application Procedure

  • Applications may come from ESCMID Study Groups, affiliated national societies, projects connected to ESCMID (e.g. EUCAST), European and international partner societies, individual ESCMID members and persons/organisations aiming to link or partner with ESCMID.
  • Applications can be made throughout the year, preferably one year before but not later than 6 months before the event takes place to allow time for the selection procedure (see below).
  • An online proposal form is available in the right column.
  • If other sponsors (including corporate sponsorship) have been approached, these must be listed in the proposal. The principle organiser must ensure that the scientific programme is neither influenced nor biased by commercial organisations following the guidelines for European CME Accreditation.

3) Selection Procedure
All proposals will be reviewed by the ESCMID Executive Office as for their completeness and correctness and will be evaluated by the ESCMID Scientific Affairs Officer. Proposals advertising pharma driven or purely commercial interest will not be accepted. The decision on whether or not to accept proposals rests with the ESCMID Executive Committee.

4) Levels of ESCMID support

  • Agree to advertise in calendar on website (
  • Agree to endorse (ESCMID lends its logo to event and advertises event on ESCMID website).
  • Agree to sponsor attendance grants up to EUR 5’000. These are restricted to ESCMID members.
  • Agree to co-finance, i. e. a negotiated level of financing the event. The negotiation has to take place early in the planning phase before any form of promotion or announcement has taken place.

5) Contribution procedure
Attendance grant contributions shall only be applicable for ESCMID members and will only cover the registration fee.
The payment of the agreed amount of contribution shall be made according to the following schedule:

Full amount of contribution after event was held upon submission of the invoice and the following document:

  • Participant list (name, surname, email, city, country) incl. attendance grant recipients in order to double-check which ESCMID members have finally attended and to release the final payment according to these numbers.
Last update: 15 December 2014

ESCMID Scientific Event Proposal Form

Please use this online form to ask for support for a scientific event.

Scientific Event Proposal Form