Membership & Organization

ESCMID Panorama

Operating Procedures

The following ESCMID Operating Procedures (EOPs) provide detailed administrative guidance for ESCMID's business transactions.

Guidance for the organisation of ESCMID Postgraduate Education Courses and ESCMID Postgraduate Technical Workshops

Includes objectives, general financial support, publications and evaluation

Guidance for administrative and financial support for SG projects, EU funding and industry sponsoring

Guidance for ESCMID Support for Scientific Events

Guidance for the Training Association of ESCMID

Guidance for Partnership with other Associations

Guidance for asking for ESCMID involvement in EU Calls

Guidance for support of Medical Guideline / Consensus projects

Guidance for Declaring Conflicts of Interest

ESCMID Study Group Proposal Form

Please use this form to propose an ESCMID Study Group.

Study Group Proposal Form

ESCMID Scientific Event Proposal Form

Please use this online form to ask for support for a scientific event.

Scientific Event Proposal Form