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ESCMID's History - the First 35 Years

ESCMID celebrated its 35th anniversary during the 28th ECCMID 2018 in Madrid. To commemorate this event Murat Akova, a former ESCMID President, published this review of the society's history through the eyes of its former presidents, including anecdotes but also overview tables that can be used as reference. The history can be downloaded here.
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ESCMID's History - the First 25 Years

ESCMID celebrated its 25th anniversary during the 18th ECCMID 2008 in Barcelona. To commemorate this event Ian Phillips, a former ESCMID President, reviewed the Society's archives and wrote a comprehensive account of ESCMID's history with plenty of data and anecdotal references. It was published as supplement to ESCMID News 1/2008 and can be downloaded here.
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