ESCMID members enjoy major benefits relevant to their professional career: subscription to ESCMID's journal Clinical Microbiology and Infection, professional information and programmes, meeting discounts and eligibility for grants & awards. In addition, membership places you in a community fostering the development of the infection disciplines in an open and collaborative spirit. To apply for membership please proceed to:

Membership application

Terms, fees and membership levels

ESCMID offers a basic membership. We also offer a full membership which includes a discount for those 35 years of age or younger or for those under 40 years of age upon proof of training status. You can sign up for membership online (credit card payment) for one to five years, and as soon as payment is complete you can immediately take advantage of membership benefits. See below for detailed information on the terms, membership types and prices.

Membership application

ESCMID membership is open to all who are interested in clinical microbiology and/or infectious diseases. For registration you can fill in the membership application form electronically (for credit card holders only: VISA, MasterCard, American Express). Offline registration is also possible but ESCMID strongly recommends members to use the ”online” registration facility.

Articles of Association

The governance of the Society as well as the rights and duties of its members are defined in the Articles of Association.

ESCMID Articles of Association