ESCMID Operating Procedures

Partnership with Other Associations


Partnerships with other associations are based on mutual benefit, and aim at adding value to both partners. Reciprocity should be sought whenever possible.


ESCMID will only establish partnerships with national and international societies or organisations that are complementary in terms of purposes, membership and activities.


The added value offered by the partnership might consist, among other things, of:

  1. mutual promotion and extension of the respective membership bases
  2. joint symposia at international congresses, to be organised in collaboration with the ESCMID Scientific Affairs Officer
  3. joint Study Groups and working parties
  4. joint education courses or workshops
  5. joint research fellowships or awards
  6. joint position papers and advocacy campaigns on health and research policy issues.


Proposals for partnerships with other associations are addressed to the ESCMID President, who assesses them in collaboration with the ESCMID Secretary General.


Partnerships are validated by means of a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the agreed areas and terms of the co-operation. They must be ratified by the ESCMID Executive Committee and are subject to periodic review.


Scientific societies, which are candidates for ESCMID partnership, should be part of the ESCMID European Council, if the conditions for affiliation with ESCMID are fulfilled.


Financial obligations arising from co-operation with partner associations must be reviewed by the ESCMID Treasurer and should be included in the budget.


Officer Tasks:

  1. actively maintain the specific relationship
  2. periodically ensure that the defined rules for the specific partnership such as agreements or memorandum of understanding are up-to-date
  3. propose joint activities/events such as workshops, conferences etc.
  4. keep the ESCMID office informed of all activities and procedures


June 2014