Contagion - the movie for disease geeks

9 September 2011
A few days before the two anniversaries, September 11 -
terrorist attack at the World Trade Center - and October 4 - first victim
of anthrax bioterrorist attacks -
the movie Contagion plays in American cinemas and then over all the world showing that a pandemic
could be reality and implying the need for preparedness. Contagion depicts an outbreak disaster scenario and how
the worldwide medical community could work together to find an effective cure and to control the panic spreading in the society and worsening
the already-serious situation.
How to respond to contagion, preparedness in emergency cases such as outbreaks, prevention in every day life, this is part of the day-to-day educational work of CM/ID organisations which proves to be extraordinary
and suddenly important in case of an endemic, a pandemic or bioterror. Essential is also the way these organisations collaborate, build a network
of relevant partnerships, and actively interact at a global level.

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