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ESCMID Parity Commission

The ESCMID Parity Commission (EPC) was founded to review and improve the representation of minorities and gender as well as geographic balance in the fields of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

In January 2016 the Parity Commission launched a blog. You can comment on Angela Huttner's or Dan Otelea's blogs on gender and geographic balance.
Link to blog

Aim of Parity Commission

  • to improve gender representation and geographic balance within ESCMID and related educational activities;
  • to tutor young female scientists and scientists from resources-poor countries and from minority groups;
  • to link ESCMID and national societies to bridge the gap of gender, economical status and ethnicity.
  • Evelina Tacconelli (Chair), ESCMID Professional Affairs Officer ID
  • Chrysanthi Skevaki, ESCMID Advocate for Minorities
  • Angela Huttner, ESCMID Advocate for Gender Balance
  • Dan Otelea, ESCMID Advocate for Geographic Balance

Current activities

The Commission has a number of activities planned for the coming months:

  • Obtaining statistical data from ESCMID/ECCMID
  • Conducting a survey on how to define the entity of discrimination (country; gender; minorities) among ID/CM specialists in their employment and roles within universities and hospitals in Europe Parity Survey
  • Elaboration of articles and editorials to increase the awareness of the presence of discrimination in the scientific community (ID/CM)
  • Increase the awareness through elaboration of data and articles
  • Closely collaborate with Trainee Association of ESCMID and the ESCMID Education Officer concerning educational activities
  • Participate in the organisation of ECCMID and other ESCMID Scientific events (advisory role)
  • Guidance on how to balance the scientific programme of ESCMID-related educational events Guidance document
  • Involve editors of major ID/CM journals
  • Provide guidance for mentoring and tutoring programmes.

Definition of Minorities by ESCMID Parity Commission

Minorities among healthcare workers are those discriminated in their professional career and/or underrepresented in scientific societies because of gender, age, sexual orientation, racial, regional, religious and/or political reasons without consideration of their personal achievements.

Download the Info Leaflet as pdf file