ESCMID Conference on Diagnosing Infectious Diseases: Future and Innovation

24 - 26 October 2011, Venice, Italy

Organising Committee:

Fernando Baquero, Madrid, ES
Giuseppe Cornaglia, Verona IT
Didier Raoult, Marseille, FR
Jordi Vila, Barcelona, ES

Conference Material

Webcasts of the conference are available in the ESCMID Online Lecture Library


24 October 2011


Biotechnologies and modern MicrobiologyG. Palu

Is classical microbiology dead? An introduction to ‘culturomics’

No webcast available

D. Raoult           

15:00Carbohydrate-active enzymes and the latent power of glycogenomicsB. Henrissat        
16:00MALDI-TOF as a tool to identify and type microorganismsJ. Vila
16:30Identification of biomarkers by SELDI-TOFS. Hamilton
17:00FACS technology and antibody detection assaysA. Van Belkum 
25 October 2011
9:00Viral metagenomicsJ. Mokili
9:30Multiplex PCR to detect respiratory viral infectionsG. Ieven
10:00Diagnosing emerging zoonotic viral diseases in the genomic eraG. Cattoli          
11:00 MicroRNA as a biomarkers for infectious diseasesD. Vilanova
11:30Gene transcript profiles to diagnose infectious diseasesM. Berry
12:00Genetic markers for human susceptibility to infectious diseasesA. Puel
14:00Knowledge gaps in the aetiology of infectious diseasesJ. Cohen
14:30Biofilm detection: do we really need it in the clinical microbiology lab?N. Hoiby             
15:00Antimicrobial susceptibility in biofilm-producing bacteriaS. Häussler
16:00Susceptibility testing - what can we expect for the future?G. Kahlmeter
16:30Diagnostic of Carbapenemase producers  in Enterobacteriaceae; from bench to the bedsideP. Nordmann             
17:00Units of Surveillance: diagnostics for prevention of emergence and spread of antibiotic resistanceF. Baquero
26 October 2011
9:00New aspects of TB diagnosticsT. Tonjum
9:30New tools in mycologyT. Freiberger
10:00New tools in clinical parasitologyP. Chiodini
11:00IT aspects and laboratory automationG. Greub
11:30POC in the clinical microbiology laboratoryM. Drancourt
12:00Quality assessment methodologyA. van Loon


Faculty Members

  • Fernando Baquero, Madrid, ES
  • Matthew Berry, London, UK
  • Giovanni Cattoli, Padova, IT
  • Peter Chiodini, London, UK
  • Jonathan Cohen, Brighton, UK
  • Michel Drancourt, Marseille, FR
  • Tomas Freiberger, Brno, CZ
  • Gilbert Greub, Lausanne, CH
  • Shea Hamilton, London, UK
  • Susanne    Häussler, Hannover, DE
  • Bernard Henrissat, Marseille, FR
  • Niels Hoiby, Copenhagen, DK
  • Gret Ieven, Egegem, BE
  • Gunnar Kahlmeter, Vaxjo, SE
  • John Mokili, San Diego, CA, US
  • Patrice Nordmann, Paris, FR
  • Giorgio Palù, Padova, IT
  • Anne Puel, Paris, FR
  • Didier Raoult, Marseille, FR
  • Tone Tonjum, Oslo, NO
  • Alex Van Belkum, Lagnieu, FR
  • Anton van Loon, Utrecht, NL
  • Jordi Vila, Barcelona, ES
  • David Vilanova, Maurens-Scopont, FR

Scientific Secretariat

Giuseppe Cornaglia
Department of Pathology and Diagnostics
University of Verona
Strada Le Grazie 8
37134 Verona

Phone + 39 045 802 7196
Fax + 39 045 802 7101

Conference Secretariat

Marco Moschin
Via Lorenzo Marcello 32
30126 Lido di Venezia (VE)

Phone +39 041 52 62 530
Fax +39 041 52 71 129