Infections in Critically Ill Patients, ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course

21 - 22 May 2011, Athens, Greece


Hellenic Society of Infectious Diseases (HSID)

Course Coordinators
  • George L. Daikos, Athens, Greece
  • Anna Skiada, Athens, Greece
Course Materials

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Plenary lectures

  • Epidemiology of infections in ICU. A. Antoniadou
  • PK/PD special issues in ICU. D. Plachouras
  • Treatment of MRSA infections. An update. I. Gould
  • Therapeutic challenges in the era of MDR gram-negative pathogens. H. Giamarellou
  • Intravascular and catheter related infections. A. Pefanis
  • Ventilator Associated Pneumonia: Diagnosis, treatment and prevention. M. Palomar
  • Prolonged fever in critically ill patients. G. Dimopoulos
  • Fungal infections - Candida. G. Petrikkos
  • Filamentous fungi. H. Sabatakou
  • CMV infection in ICU patients. T. Zaoutis

    Presentation not available

  • Infection prevention in ICU: Recent advances and controversies. S. Harbarth
  • Epidemiology and molecular diagnosis of sepsis. M. Bauer
  • New developments in the pathogenesis of sepsis. E. Giamarellos-Bourboulis
  • Standards of care. C. Routsi
  • Interactive patient case. I. Tsangaris
  • Serious skin and soft tissue infections. S. Metallidis
  • Intra-abdominal infections. M. Souli

Interactive clinical case discussions
Three cases with fever in ICU patients:

  • Case 1. A. Skiada

    Presentation not available

  • Case 2. G. Poulakou
  • Case 3. E. Papadomichelakis
Course Faculty
  • Anastasia Antoniadou, Athens, Greece
  • Michael Bauer, Jena, Germany
  • George L. Daikos, Athens, Greece
  • George Dimopoulos, Athens, Greece
  • Evangelos Giamarellos-Bourboulis, Athens, Greece
  • Helen Giamarellou, Athens, Greece
  • Ian Gould, Glasgow, UK
  • Stephan Harbarth, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Symeon Metallidis, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Mercedes Palomar, Barcelona, Spain
  • Evangelos Papadomichelakis, Athens, Greece
  • Angelos Pefanis, Athens, Greece
  • George Petrikkos, Athens, Greece
  • Diamantis Plachouras, Athens Greece
  • Garyfallia Poulakou, Athens, Greece
  • Christina Routsi, Athens, Greece
  • Helen Sambatakou, Athens, Greece
  • Maria Souli, Athens, Greece
  • Anna Skiada, Athens, Greece
  • Iraklis Tsangaris, Athens, Greece
  • Theoklis Zaoutis, Philadelphia, USA
Contact Person (responsible for Educational Programme)

George L. Daikos
First Department of Propaedeutic Medicine
Laiko General Hospital
Mikras Asias 75
11526 Athens

Phone +30 210 746 267 10
Fax +30 210 746 26 35

Administrative Secretariat

Ms Maria Foka-Midzia
16, Ioannou Gennadiou
11521 Athens

Phone +30 210 722 30 46
Fax +30 210 722 32 20

Course Objectives
  • Review the present knowledge on epidemiology and clinical presentation of infections in the ICU
  • Be able to diagnose and treat these infections
  • Be aware of the importance of infection control in the ICU
  • Demonstrate through interactive sessions the steps to diagnose and treat infections in critically ill patients


Course Venue

Museum of Acropolis
Athens, Greece


Target Audience

100-150  infectious disease and clinical microbiology specialists, intensivists, PhD students and clinicians interested in infections in critically ill patients.