Non-Funded Observerships are open to members of all ages and accept applications year-round. They provide participants with the opportunity to gain experience within the fields of Clinical Microbiology (CM) and Infectious Diseases (ID) in a global setting.


Our non-funded observerships are made to facilitate international training for Full and Young Scientist Members (YSM) as well as members from low- or middle-income countries (LMIC), at various ESCMID Collaborative Centres (ECCs) across Europe and the world. These exciting exchanges are the occasion for participants to discover good clinical and laboratory practice, and to leverage their newly gained knowledge back in their home countries.

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Application procedure

To apply for an ESCMID Non-Funded Observership, please follow these steps:

Select an ECC:

  • Select and decide on an ECC using the «ECC search» function

Send an official application:

  • Use your ESCMID member login details to connect
  • Click the ‘Apply now for observership’ link at the top of the ECC profile page
  • Select non-funded observership
  • Complete and submit your request through the online application form with your proof of current position and CV as attachments

Receive a final approval:

  • The ECC will reply by informing you if your application has been accepted or declined, and will request more information if necessary

Apply either intra-European or from outside Europe visiting an ECC in Europe. To qualify for one of our non-funded observerships, please make sure you meet our eligibility criteria:

  • Be an ESCMID YSM, LMIC, or full member
  • Submit your CV, proof of your current position, your objective, and the rationale behind your choice of an ECC
  • Keep in mind visa application and wait times before choosing your ECC and dates, if relevant

Please note neither ESCMID nor the ECC can guarantee flexibility in changing visit dates should there be any delays with the visa process.

Since all ESCMID YSM, LMIC and Full members are eligible to apply and because there is no funding for this type of observership, ESCMID do not interfere further with the selection process. However, the chosen ECC might have selection criteria which they define individually. We advise you to contact your chosen ECC in advance to discuss possible dates and any other additional requirements.

As this observership is non-funded, ESCMID will not cover any related expenses. 

After completing your non-funded observership, you will need to submit an official evaluation form, including a report, to be published on the ECC website or in any other ESCMID publication. ESCMID may share your name when publishing this report.