ESCMID guidelines on COVID-19

The ESCMID Executive Committee launched a new initiative to develop ESCMID guidelines on several COVID-19 related issues. The guidelines will issue clinical recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of adult patients with suspected and confirmed COVID-19.
4 sets of guidelines will be developed, on different topics:

  1. diagnosis (including differential diagnosis and diagnosis of reinfection). Chair: Chrysanthi Skevaki, Marburg, Germany
  2. drug treatment and clinical management of patients with COVID-19, including optimal setting for management (home or community management, medical ward, semi-intensive ward, intensive care unit). Chair: Michele Bartoletti, Bologna, Italy
  3. post-discharge and long-term follow-up. Chair : Dafna Yahav, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  4. prevention and efficacy of individual protection measures to reduce infection. Chair: Evelina Tacconelli, Verona, Italy

The projects employs the ADOLOPMENT framework and aim at issuing recommendations within the next 2 months. A full protocol outlining the scope and methodology common to all ESCMID guidelines sets under development is available here.

For each set of guidelines, a small drafting group has been set. As per ESCMID procedure, members were selected both with an open call and trhough direct appointment by the ESCMID EC. The resulting recommendations will be published on CMI, after a Public Consultation Phase performed in parallel to the peer review process. The project also aims at issuing periodic updates for each set.

For more information, please contact us at guidancedocuments[at]