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ESCMID Panorama
01 December 2015
EUCIC, ESGAP, EUCAST conduct antibiotic susceptibility testing survey

The three groups will start conducting a European survey this week to explore in which countries selective reporting of antibiotic susceptibility testing results has been already implemented on a large scale (regional, national) and how it has been organized. For this purpose, a questionnaire survey will be sent out to national contacts in the first week of December. We look forward to active participation of the national representatives.

If you have specific question in relation to this survey regarding our groups please contact us:

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The European Committee on Infection Control (EUCIC) publishes its first newsletter. The objective is to establish a continuous flow of information to all interested members of the clinical microbiology, hospital hygiene/infection control and infectious diseases community, regarding recent news, future activities and the evolution of the overall project. The October newsletter contains information about EUCIC's goals as well as past and future activities of the committee.

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EUCIC is supporting the first European Massive Open Online Course on Antimicrobial Stewardship, which will start 28 September 2015 with the goal of raising the awareness of antimicrobial resistance and stewardship throughout the global medical community.

Developed by the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC) and the University of Dundee, this landmark course is the first free online course available to all learners across the globe. The six-week course is designed to facilitate and empower healthcare professionals to provide safe, high-quality antibiotic use by understanding what antimicrobial stewardship is and how it can be applied in everyday practice.

The course is freely available to healthcare professionals across all disciplines. Participants will be able to interact with colleagues internationally. They will learn what antibiotic resistance means and how to promote responsible prescribing. They will acquire new skills and interventions that underpin antimicrobial stewardship. This will help reduce variation in practice, waste and harm from antibiotic overuse as well as misuse, which in turn will enhance patient safety and outcomes. 

To date more than 8,500 individuals have pre-registered to take the course.

Please support our call to action by:
•    Sharing details of the MOOC via social media – such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
•    Encouraging individuals and healthcare teams in your area to sign up for the MOOC
•    Invite colleagues and team members to join you in encouraging healthcare teams to learn together.
•    Follow the @asmooc Twitter account (a follow back is guaranteed!)
•    Tweet about the MOOC each week using #AbxSteward

EUCIC and BSAC are now evaluating future collaborative projects focused on limits of local implementation of antimicrobial stewardship as well new educational tools that could be locally country-adapted.

For more information please see the course webpage.