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New Microbes & New Infections (NMNI)

This open access journal published its first issue in October 2013!


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ESCMID has launched a new multilingual publication: New Microbes and New Infections (NMNI). Content includes peer-review papers devoted to new facts in clinical microbiology, infectious and tropical diseases with an emerging-countries oriented audience. New facts include first case of infection and antimicrobial resistance in one country, new microbes and their genomes in one country. New Microbes and New Infections offers clinicians and researchers a rapid route to publication and the opportunity to publish in a highly visible global forum.

Manuscripts may be submitted in English, French, German, Spanish,
Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, or Chinese.

Mini-reviews presenting facts in one country and original contributions
will be considered for publication according to five different formats:
• Short format: first clinical case report, first clinical case report in
emerging country, letter to the Editor, editorial, hot topic or historical note
• Medium format: new genomes of microorganisms or viruses found
in humans
• Full format: description of new microbes in humans or new resistant
microbes or new technologies for infectious and tropical diseases
• Mini-reviews
• Letter format: Editorial or hot topic

All articles published by New Microbes and New Infections are fully open access: immediately freely available to read, download and share.

Reasons to publish with New Microbes and New Infections:
• High standard, rigorous peer review
• Rapid publication
• Open Access – published articles are licensed under Creative Commons and authors are the copyright holder
• Compliant with open access mandates
• Wide dissemination
• Promotion and publicity of quality research

Michel Drancourt, MD, Ph.D. is Professor of Clinical Microbiology at Marseilles University. read more

CMI is an official publication of ESCMID. The journal appears monthly and includes peer-reviewed manuscripts, reviews and research notes on all aspects of infectious diseases and related subjects.