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ESCMID Conference on Antibiotic Treatment Failure in the Absence of Bacterial Resistance

25 - 27 October 2009, Freiburg, Germany



Organizing Committee
  • Fernando Baquero, Madrid, ES
  • Javier Garau, Barcelona, ES
  • Winfried V. Kern, Freiburg, DE
  • Bruce Levin, Atlanta, US


Conference Objectives

This conference is intended to be a forum for presenting and discussing, in a multi-disciplinary approach, personal ideas, perspectives, and overviews of and speculations about the topic under consideration including the most recent and perhaps unpublished research findings.

The conference will focus on ideas and findings behind mechanisms and effects of non-inherited antibiotic resistance. Approaches to mitigate the effects of non-inherited resistance factors will be addressed.


Conference Venue

Historical Merchant’s Hall, Freiburg, DE


Freiburg is located in the most southwestern part of Germany, near the French and Swiss border, one hour from the international airports of Basel, CH, or Strasbourg, FR, and two hours from Frankfurt/Main, DE, or Zurich, CH.


Target Audience

Microbiologists, basic research scientists, infectious disease physicians, pharmacologists, clinicians, and public health officers.

Conference Summaries

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  • Bacterial physiology in laboratory cultures and inside the host: resemblances and differences. Fernando Baquero
  • Treatment failure in the absence of resistance: a historical perspective and examples. Javier Garau
  • A critical perspective on the PK/PD approach to the rational design of antibiotic treatment- Johan W. Mouton
  • Mathematical models of the within-host dynamics of antibiotic treatment and acquired resistance. Bruce Levin
  • Single cell effect of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance phenotypes. Calin Guet
    No summary available
  • Reduced antibiotic efficacy - the effects of cell density and physiological state. Klas Udekwu
  • How do antibiotics kill bacteria? Michael A. Kohanski
  • Antibiotic refractory subpopulations - structure and location: biofilms and sanctuaries. Anders Folkesson
  • Cryptic antibiotic resistance: lowly expressed, specific mechanisms
    of resistance. Rafael Canton
  • Cryptic antibiotic resistance: the intrinsic resistome. Jose Luis Martinez
  • Antibiotic resistance in the absence of treatment failure: an epidemiological and clinical perspective. Winfried V. Kern
  • Persistence, tolerance, and resistance: three related phenomena. Karl Drlica
  • Estimating bacterial mutability: a predictor for antibiotic resistance? Antonio Oliver
  • Antibiotic treatment failure in the absence of resistance: a pharmacological and clinical perspective. Francoise van Bambeke
  • The role and achievements of susceptibility testing in predicting antibiotic failures. Gunnar Kahlmeter
  • The antibiotics that we need. Marc Lemonnier

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