Copyright rules

  • All ECCMID/ESCMID material is available for the public in the ESCMID eLibrary (
  • You may use this material (abstracts, posters, webcasts) without asking for permission in the individual case.
  • The copyright lies with ESCMID and the author(s). As long as you give credit to this and do not alter the material, you may use it without further restriction and without any charge.

ECCMID material is available free of charge for everyone on until the end of August.
In addition, we will curate all documents and data for our eLibrary, where the material will become available step by step.

As eccmidlive is only temporarily available, we highly recommend that you use the material in our eLibrary.

Material from ESCMID courses and conferences usually is restricted to ESCMID members in the first year of appearance. All material is free to the public after 365 days. The copyright rules for ECCMID materials apply.

How to cite ESCMID/ECCMID material

Here are standard reference samples:

Short: X. Author et al. ECCMID 2017 accepted abstract (Poster number PXXXX)

Long: X. Author1, Y. Author2, Z. Author3. Title of the Abstract. ECCMID 2017 accepted abstract (Poster number PXXXX)

Short or Long version can be supplemented with the direct link.