ESCMID Conference on the Impact of Vaccines on Public Health

1 - 3 April 2011, Prague, Czech Republic

Conference Objectives

As part of its multifaceted approach to infections, ESCMID strives to promote vaccination and worries that the current lack of correct information among both lay public and health care providers might seriously undermine the efficacy of current and future vaccine campaigns.
This conference will bring together world-leading experts to debate the many-sided correlations between vaccines, medicine and society at the dawn of the third millennium.

Supported by:

The Lancet Infectious Diseases

In cooperation with

European Respiratory Society (ERS)
European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID)
Global Chinese Association of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (GCACMID)
Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA)
International Society of Chemotherapy (ISC)
International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID)


ESCMID would like to acknowledge the contribution of Merck, Novartis and Pfizer through unrestricted educational grants.

Conference Material

Webcasts of the conference are available in the ESCMID Online Lecture Library

Friday, 1 April 2011


The Current Landscape

The role of the WHO-Europe. Nedret Emiroglu

The role of the ECDC. Marc Sprenger, Director

The enduring threat of infectious diseases. Alasdair Geddes

Measuring the impact of vaccines on the burden of disease in the population.

Kathryn M. Edwards

Vaccines for Children
The value of vaccines in paediatrics. Fred Zepp
Rotaviruses vaccination: a worldwide perspective. Timo Vesikari
Neonatal meningitis: Group B strep. Paul Heath
Vaccines for mothers and children: maternal immunisation. Susanna Esposito

Vaccines Facing the Problems of the XXI Century

Vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases in international travellers.
Philippe Gautret
Vaccination and natural disasters. Michel Van Herp

Vaccines boost the economies of poor countries. David Bloom

No material available

Immunisations against bioterrorism: smallpox and anthrax. Wendy Keitel
Pneumococcal Disease

Understanding the burden of pneumococcal disease in adults. Francesco Blasi

Pneumococcal infection management in the AR era. Tobias Welte
Pneumococcal vaccines for children: why to recommend it?
Klara Posfay-Barbe
The role of pneumococcal vaccination in prevention of influenza-associated morbidity. Keith Klugman
Saturday, 2 April 2011


Pandemic flu and the anti-H1N1 vaccine, a retrospective view.
Albert Osterhaus

Compliance with anti-H1N1 vaccine among HCW and general population.

Francesco Blasi

Children and flu. Susanna Esposito
Optimising flu recommendations: the European view. Angus Nicoll
Vaccines for Special Patients
Vaccines for the elderly. Birgit Weinberger
HPV vaccination and primary prevention of cervical cancer. Mario Poljak
Vaccination of immunocompromised patients. Per Ljungman
Update on pertussis at the extremes of ages. Kathryn M. Edwards
Vaccines, Media and Community
Global safety of vaccines: strengthening systems for monitoring and management. Hanna Nohynek
Monitoring and assessing vaccine safety: a European perspective.
Johan Giesecke
Harmonisation of vaccination policy across region. Pierluigi Lopalco

Meningococcal Disease: Recent Developments and Novel Challenges

International epidemiology of  meningococcal disease and the unmet need for vaccines. Pavla Krizova
The pathogenesis of meningococcal disease and implications for vaccine development. Richard Moxon
Impact of Serogroup A, C, W135 and Y vaccines and the influence of formulation and boosting. Jamie Findlow
Recent data from clinical trials of novel serogroup B  vaccines. Matthew Snape

Vaccinology, an Evolving Science

The vaccine production process: Hi-Tech development for modern vaccinology.

Rino Rappuoli

Vaccine administration routes and novel delivery technology. Fabienne Anjuère 

No material available

Vaccine adjuvant as immunological drivers. Giuseppe Del Giudice

No material available


Sunday, 3 April 2011


The History of Vaccination - 4th International Day for Fighting Infection

From Jenner to smallpox eradication. Alasdair Geddes

No material available

Louis Pasteur. Patrick Berché

No material available

Vaccines to prevent Haemophilus influenzae type b diseases. Richard Moxon
The history of pneumococcal vaccination. Keith Klugman
Global eradication of poliomyelitis. Donato Greco
Maurice Hilleman and the MMR vaccine. Barbara Kuter
Reverse vaccinology: developing vaccines in the era of genomics.
Rino Rappuoli

Big Challenges and Unmet Needs

Measles still spreads in Europe: who is responsible for the failure to vaccinate? Pierluigi Lopalco

Polio, between eradication and resurgence. Donato Greco
A vaccine for HIV. Barbara Ensoli
The malaria vaccine pipeline. Joe Cohen

Target Audience

Specialists or physicians in training in the following disciplines: infectious diseases, clinical microbiology, hygiene, public health, vaccinology and other disciplines dealing with all aspects of vaccination