Technical Information – ePoster Upload

We congratulate you on your accepted abstract for the 2017 Vaccines Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The next step is now, to send in your ePoster file.  Please download the ePoster Instructions and read them carefully.

If you have any questions, please contact the abstract team at:

If you have created your ePoster, please send it to the ePoster team:

You can also find blank ePoster templates in different file formats below. Additionally, if you are not sure about the layout or the design of your poster, you might want to check our positive and negative examples as well. 

Again, we congratulate you on the acceptance of your abstract and are looking forward to seeing you in Dubrovnik.

Blank ePoster templates

  1. ePoster (Microsoft Word-document)

  2. ePoster (OpenDocument-presentation)

  3. ePoster (Microsoft PowerPoint-presentation)

  4. ePoster (PSD-file)

Positive examples

Negative examples