Talks and Speakers

Tuesday, 4 October 2022Bootcamp 1: R&D support – needs and opportunities13:05 - 15:05Challenges of academic drug discovery (knowledge, specific expertise). How would the ideal support look like?Christopher Dowson (Coventry, United Kingdom)
How to get support: Advice for universities and SMEsSilke Alt (Hannover, Germany)
Screening support, common data resources to aid antibiotic drug discoveryPhilip Gribbon (Hamburg, Germany)
Bootcamp 2: Discovery and preclinical development challenges15:35 - 17:35Characterising a good targetHeike Brötz-Oesterhelt (Tuebingen, Germany)
Challenges of in vivo studies to support pre-clinical to clinical translationCarina Vingsbo (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Preclinical biomarkers, toxicity signalsJames Sidaway (Alderley, United Kingdom)
Wednesday, 5 October 2022Symposium 1: Novel clinical development pathways: Clinical trial design08:30 - 10:00Adaptive designAaron Dane (Macclesfield, United Kingdom)
Innovations in clinical trial designSarah Walker (London, United Kingdom)
Judging added benefit through HTAColm Leonard (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Symposium 2: Novel clinical development pathways: Clinical trial networks10:15 - 11:45ECRAIDMarc Bonten (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Wellcome Trust’s ADVANCE-IDDavid Paterson (Brisbane, Australia)
ARLGHenry Chambers (San Francisco, United States)
Symposium 3: Clinical development for paediatric patients13:15 - 15:15Challenges and solutions for pediatric and neonatal clinical efficacy trialsJulia Bielecki (London, United Kingdom)
Pediatric and neonatal PKs and extrapolating between populationsMichael Neely (Los Angeles, United States)
Investigator experience of navigating pediatric and neonatal clinical trialsJohn Bradley (San Diego, United States)
Keynote Lecture 1: Unmet medical needs15:45 - 17:00View from South AfricaMarc Mendelson (Cape Town, South Africa)
View from IndiaKamini Walia (Delhi, India)
Thursday, 9 October 2022Symposium 4: How do we find new antibacterial classes?08:30 - 10:30Overview of approaches to find new leadsDeborah Hung (Cambridge, United States)
Phenotypic screening for new antibioticsZemer Gitai (Princeton, United States)
Uptake into Gram-negativesHelen Zgurskaya (Oklahoma, United States)
Chemical matter for new antibiotic screeningHeinz Moser (San Mateo, United States)
Young Investigator11:00 - 12:00TBCVineet Dubay (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
TBCPhoebe Williams (Sydney, Australia)
Symposium 5: Novel approaches to targeting bacteria13:15 - 15:15Use of CRISPR technologyDziuginta Jasinskyte  (Copenhagen, Denmark)
AntivirulenceHasan Jafri (San Francisco, United States)
ImmunomodulationMike Wetsby (Sandwich, United Kingdom)
How to bring a non-traditional therapy to late stage developmentSamareh Azeredo da Silveira (Geneva, Switzerland)
Young Investigator15:45 - 16:15TBCWaheed Adedeji (Antwerp, Belgium)
Symposium 6: AMR and Pandemic preparedness16:15 - 17:15TBCTBC
Friday, 10 October 2022Symposium 7: Preclinical development of non-traditional or novel classes08:30 - 10:30Non-traditional landscapeErin Duffy (Boston, United States)
Phage developmentPaul Kim (Morrisville, United States)
Monoclonal antibodiesZoltan Magyarics (Vienna, Austria)
Keynote Lecture 2: Why are the new drugs not being used?11:00 - 12:00US viewAndrew Shorr (Washington, United States)
European viewAlison Holmes (London, United Kingdom)