Antimicrobial Stewardship: Principles and Practice

05.10.2017 - 06.10.2017 All day

• Reflect the situation and trends in antimicrobial resistance and consumption in Europe and worldwide
• Reflect the scientific background of antibiotic stewardship interventions
• Learn the basic principles of antimicrobial resistance and consumption surveillance
• Reflect the quality management aspects of antimicrobial stewardship
• Learn the principles of implementation of an antibiotic stewardship programme in various settings
• Reflect the sociocultural aspects of antimicrobial stewardship
• Reflect behavioral science in antimicrobial stewardship
• Learn about new technologies in antimicrobial stewardship
• Learn how to integrate antimicrobial stewardship in student, resident and postgraduate education at an institutional level
• Learn from national strategies: their successes and their failures

Istanbul (Kadıköy), Turkey
Önder Ergönül