3rd International One Health Congress 2015

15.03.2015 - 18.03.2015 All day

The 3rd International One Health Congress in 2015 (IOHC2015) brings science and policy together aiming at the early recognition and control of emerging (infectious) diseases, now and in the years to come.

Prevention at the source is key in controlling these diseases that have a growing impact on humans, animals an their ecosystems.

The 3rd International One Health Congress focuses on multidisciplinary collaboration involving medical, veterinary and eco-health disciplines, other life sciences, social sciences, and informatics. The scientific focus will be on how science can help in preventing emerging and re-emerging (infectious) diseases.


Event Secretariat:
Pauwels Congress Organisers
Alexander Battalaan 7
Maastricht 6221 CM

Phone +3143 321 8480