II International Conference on Antimicrobial Research - ICAR2012

21.11.2012 - 23.11.2012 All day

ICAR2012 is the natural continuation of the new series of conferences on antimicrobial research, whose first edition, held in Valladolid (Spain) in 2010, managed to gather more than 500 researchers from nearly 60 countries. It aims at establishing itself as a key forum in Europe for the presentation, exchange and dissemination of information and experiences on anti-microbe strategies. “Anti” is here taken in a wide sense as “against cell cycle, adhesion, or communication”, when harmful for the human health, industry or economy (infectious diseases, chemotherapy, food, biomedicine, agriculture, livestock, biotechnology, water systems, etc.). It will also cover topics on antimicrobial resistance, (early) microbial and resistance detection, enhancement of innate defenses against pathogens, as well as methods & techniques.



Congress organiser society: FORMATEX RESEARCH CENTER
C / Zurbarán, 1 2ª Planta, Oficina 1,  06002 Badajoz, Spain
Phone (including country code): 0034924258615 
Fax: (including country code): 0034324263053
Website: www.formatex.org/icar2012



Faculty of Dentistry, Lisbon
Universidade de Lisboa (University of Lisbon)
Cidade Universitária (University Campus)