5th Advances against Aspergillosis

26.01.2012 - 28.01.2012 All day

This conference has now clearly established itself as the premier forum for detailed and dedicated discussion of all aspects of Aspergillus infection and research, and previously published proceedings from the four prior conferences have been very well-received.
The Aspergillus field continues in a state of rapid advancement, including the publication of numerous post-genomic papers and substantial advances in immunological and diagnostic research. The launch of several antifungals in the last few years and anticipated clinical trials of newer compounds is an exciting time for mycology. Itraconazole and pan-azole resistance has emerged, and combination therapy is an important area of focus. Greatly increased awareness of allergic aspergillosis has opened new market opportunities for both antifungal agents and immunotherapies. There is a continuing high death toll of invasive aspergillosis, particularly among patient groups not usually associated with this opportunistic infection. This meeting is another chance to gather the world's aspergillosis experts in one venue. A fundamental tenet of this research colloquium continues to be to engender collaborative relationships amongst clinicians, scientists, and industry to further advance the field.
The program is currently in discussion with the international Scientific Committee. Speakers will be selected who are actively advancing the field with new discoveries. We again anticipate a truly international speaker list. Over 80% of the proposed speakers have not spoken before at AAA, to act as a valuable means of attracting and displaying new talent and perspectives in the topic area. By our design, the majority of the newest published literature and hypotheses in the field have originated from the planned speakers of this conference. We anticipate more oral presentations from the excellent selection of abstracts we anticipate receiving, and in Rome we published >180 abstracts. Ample time for discussion, and informal exchanges between participants, will again be planned.


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