2nd World Response Conference on Global Outbreak (WRCGO 2010)

23.09.2010 - 24.09.2010 All day

The great probability of the co-occurrence of the AIV and SIV calls for assesstment of the whole operation’s environment on the convergence of governments, partners, stakeholders, and first responders during major emergencies. Major prioritization of issues and solutions that facilitate legitimate public health responses will be discussed deeply including quarrantine powers, international trade restrcitions, and allocation of available vaccines especially on the Asian Regions where all efforts are geared towards on controlling the H5N1 and responding to H1N1.  

Summary of Topics to be covered in this 2-day event include:
- Balancing Leadership, Authority, & Accountability on Influenza   
-Presentation of Safety & Security Equipments during pandemic outbreak
  and natural disasters
- Assignment of Military, Courts, & Information Technology on Pan Flu
- Status update of the 17 Critical Infrastructure Councils
- 2010 H1N1+ H5N1 flu guidance on current Investors, Policies &
- Peer networking of Government, Suppliers, Contractors


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