Climate Change and Emerging Infectious Diseases

02.03.2010 All day

The aim of this symposium is to provide a forum to discuss relevant and pressing issues that we as a global community face, and possible solutions that can be instituted. In order to foster translational progress and collaborations among different fields and gain a broader perspective of this specific topic, this symposium will bring together experts in climate change, climate policy, emerging infectious diseases and public health.

The specific objectives of this symposium are:

  • To provide an understanding of how the changing climate will impact the distribution and prevalence of infectious diseases.
  • To bring together leading scientists from different disciplines to encourage interdisciplinary approaches to public health as is effected by climate change.
  • Encourage outstanding junior scientists, students and post-docs to pursue research in climate change and emerging infectious disease fields.
  • To provide networking opportunities among scientists and guests.
  • To create high-quality publication and web-based dissemination products so the proceedings of the conference can be accessed easily and worldwide.

The Syposium is organized by the New York Academy of Sciences


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