The Future of Vaccinology

29.01.2011 - 04.02.2011 All day

This one week course explains the process of vaccine development, from the initial idea to the use of vaccines in practice.
But it also addresses questions like:
- Why does it take so much time before a vaccine developed in the lab becomes available on the market?
How can this process be improved?
- The transformation of the biopharmaceutical industry by genomics has been predicted for over 10 years.
Will it really happen? Or is it a myth?
- Why do people worry more about the safety of a vaccine than about the efficacy?
How does this affect communication about vaccines?
- How are national immunization programs upgraded?
- What are latest developments in scientific knowledge and products relevant for vaccine use and development?

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Contact: j.j.l.muller[at]
Venue: Castle Oud Poelgeest, Leiden